Dudhkatta Milk Farm Pvt. Ltd.

Dudhkatta Milk Farm Pvt. Ltd.Astounded by Kolhapur’s natural beauty and its incredible progress in agriculture and milk production, Dudh Katta – A commercial dairy farm was established here. Spread across 10 acres of land, Dudh Katta possesses over 100+ cattle including cows and buffaloes. With the use of modern dairy farm equipment’s and technology, the production and quality of the products are improvised, hence unadulterated and hygienic milk is provided.
The milk and other by products are supplied to local market and other companies for making value added products. With the increase in number of cattle, the business is expected to increase with a consistent and phenomenal growth and new opportunities.

Sangali Co-operative

Sangali Cooperative LogoLocated on the banks of river Krishna, Sangli is well known for agricultural production and also its by-products like milk and sugarcane. Considering the favourable conditions for a dairy industry in Sangli, Krishna milk co-operative was setup to assist the farmers with additional income from milk production throughout the year.
Krishna milk co-operative has an extensive Grass root level of collection of milk from 350 collection centres. Each collection centre is equipped with weighing scale and FAT & SNF reader, and a well trained staff to give unadulterated milk at the best price to the farmer. It has five chilling plants of 10,000 litres capacity each in a radius of 40km from each other. Also it has an availability of Milk Pasteurisation having a capacity of 30000 litres. With a strong backward integration and a well-maintained connectivity with farmers, an approx. of 3 lakhs litres of milk is collected daily.
Krishna milk co-operative has been supplying to reputed clients like "Chitale Bandhu". To keep a pace with timely up gradations in the sector, the co-operative society also organizes training for the farmers with regard to best feed for the cattle, to increase production etc. A Veterinary support for the cattle's health and also monetary support to the farmers is provided as and when needed. (Krishna Milk Co-operative has got a few Letters of Appreciation from the Member of Parliament of that region since last 05 years).